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Cooperative Programming Department™

Learning Funds™ • Fundraisers • Sponsorships • Special Projects

Sundancer & Learning FundsThe Cooperative Programming Department (CPD) is the non-profit, youth conscious division that drives the overall mission of American Youth Enterprise to help young people.

The CPD facilitates opportunities and resources for young people, including events, fundraisers and unique artistic scholarships, that are sponsored by AYE using profits from our online store and screen-printing departments.

The AYE mission is serious business. AYE employs talented artists, printers, educators and experienced facilitators to reach our goals. Working with individuals and organizations from our extensive client base, the Cooperative Programming Department allows AYE to become so much more than a unique, progressive, socially conscious company.....


The Learning Fund™ is a scholarship program original to American Youth Enterprise (AYE)™. Supported by our On-line retail store and Cooperative Screen Printing™ division, AYE Learning Funds™ give young people an opportunity to put their imagination to work by creating a unique design for AYE's original clothing line.

Participating artists earn money through the sales of their original designs. Designs are matched to products and sold through AYE's on-line retail store and approved wholesale outlets. A generous percentage of proceeds from the net-sale of Learning Fund products go to the artists.

Each year the program will pay royalties bi-annually to the artists. These Learning Fund™ deposits can be used for just about any educational experiences, endeavors or resources. Artists young and old, from all walks of life are welcome and encouraged to participate.


It’s Educational, Profitable and FUN!!

The Learning Fund Fundraiser Program was created as a partner program for AYE's extensive Fun-Raising programs. AYE has helped raise lots of money on behalf of schools, churches, colleges, and non-profits for over 15 years.

We help you raise money so you can focus your energy on raising eyebrows!

Group leaders can facilitate AYE Learning Fund submissions for their students and organizations by following the same steps as individual Learning Funds. The first steps are:

  • Organize a design contest.
  • Establish design criteria that represents the goals of the group or program.
  • Select a winning design that can be imprinted by AYE on goods to be used as a fundraiser.

AYE will award the selected artist a predetermined cash prize for their work and create a product that the organization can use to create generous revenue! Everyone involved has the satisfaction of contributing directly to the benefit of the group.

Contact us directly to custom build a fun-raising program that is catered to the unique needs and goals of your organization.

Lerning Fund Adventure


1. PAPER: Use 8.5" x 11" paper. Paper must be white.

2. TOOLS: We recommend rough sketches and first drafts be done in pencil or colored pencils. Final designs can be rendered in ink or markers. (Artist can submit a design done with any tools: crayons, watercolor, etc. But the design may need to be altered if chosen for a Learning Fund).

3. COLORS: Design should contain a maximum of four colors, ONE of which must be BLACK. Designs can be fewer colors than four as long as ONE is BLACK. The artist should sign the lower right corner of the design in black ink. Please make signature legible.

4. SUBMIT: Artist should send the designs and this application in an oversized envelope. DO NOT FOLD OR STAPLE ARTWORK. Artist and/or legal guardian should print names and date on the back of artwork with e-mail address and telephone number.

Click Here to Print an Application (PDF File)

AYE Learning Funds
PO BOX 653
Mays Landing, NJ 08330

SELECTION CRITERIA: AYE will make Learning Fund selections based on designs that are original and compliment our creative objectives. Design merit will be based on creativity, function and production capabilities. AYE is looking to fund educational endeavors in line with its own mission of youth service and creative enlightenment. Thank you for interest in AYE Learning Funds.

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