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AYE Custom Fundraising Programs!

Be Original

Everyone sells, candy bars, cookie dough, gift-wrap and junk from catalogs that all of your supporters already have with limited return. Now is your chance to raise funds and eyebrows with American Youth Enterprise! We’ve been helping organizations stand out and conduct successful fundraisers and since 1992. Read what they have to say..

With our friendly professional help your organization can reach financial goals while the young people involved learn about art, creativity, marketing and the rewards of community service.

It’s Easy Fun and Profitable!

Your organization creates a design itself or with the award winning AYE design team and we will turn it into a winning product. Imprinting your custom design on anything you choose from t-shirts to mugs, embroidered baseball caps to mouse pads, sweatshirts to blankets. You name it and AYE will match your creation to it with our direct access to a wide array of quality products giving your organization a new, exciting fundraiser that members of your group will be able to sell with confidence and pride!

The sky’s the limit!

You dream up the product concept, and we’ll make it a moneymaking reality. Group pride will soar along with profits as your kids are able to become involved in every step of the fundraising project—from concept to completion! Involve them in the creation of the design, enlist them to sell the product, and finally let them bask in the rewards of a job well done!

You can’t lose!

AYE’s rock-bottom prices on top-notch, custom-printed products give you an edge. Your group can pre-order and run your sale on-site, or, armed with AYE custom-order forms that feature a picture of your original product, making it easy to sell as you go! No Catalogs, No brochures, No added expense!

You Decide your Profit Margin!

Say we create a 2-color, custom T-shirt for your group that costs $4 each. You can sell it for easily $10-15, a price less than imprinted T-shirts at most stores! You decide the price! Sell just 100 shirts and your group will raise $600-1100 or more! Why make $5-6 a shirt with other catalog T-shirt fundraising programs when you can make so much more with American Youth Enterprise while having your shirt be an original design that reflects the goals and values unique to your group!

Make money - Make a statement - Make a difference!