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AYE Learning Funds!

Free, Fun and Educational programming that enables artists to create their own T-Shirt designs and earn money for educational purposes.

The Learning Fund™ is a scholarship program original to American Youth Enterprise (AYE)™. Supported by our On-line retail store and Cooperative Screen Printing™ division, AYE Learning Funds™ give young people an opportunity to put their imagination to work by creating a unique design for AYE's original clothing line.

Participating artists earn money through the sales of their original designs. Designs are matched to products and sold through AYE's on-line retail store and approved wholesale outlets. A large percentage of proceeds from the net-sale of Learning Fund products go to the artists.

Each year the program will pay royalties bi-annually to the artists. These Learning Fund™ deposits can be used for just about any educational experiences, endeavors or resources. Artists young and old, from all walks of life are welcome and encouraged to participate.

We have provided more details below in our FAQ section. If there is a question you have that is not discussed please send it in to us. All questions will be added to the FAQ. Your ideas and suggestions are also always welcome!

How much money will it cost me?

NONE. All it will cost you is some time, energy and creativity! It does however, cost AYE money. We consider it money well spent.

How much money can I make?

The amount of money you can make is based upon a percentage of the NET sale of your items.

For example if 1 tee shirt is sold for $10.00 you will make $2.00 based on our initial* structure of 20% of net sale going to the individual artist.(*We hope to compound this percentage as much as possible as the program grows and becomes profitable.)

We haven’t seen a submission we didn’t LOVE! But we have to choose designs that will sell effectively and raise a decent amount of money for the artists, and under some circumstances specific charities the artist chooses to help sponsor. (We are developing a structure that will allow AYE and some artists to match percentage based donations to selected youth oriented organizations, non profits, charities, events, community projects.)

This is a main reason we have to be very sure that chosen designs will sell. We try our best to make sure we aren't raising expectations we cannot achieve. We cannot forecast these results. It is "Free market driven" and we don’t have control over the buying public.

Realistically we can only "Guarantee" selected artists the Opportunity to offer their designs to our customers and that we will market our store to our best ability. Some will sell better than others.

Are there any other benefits?

The program as a whole is meant to encompass its own educational endeavor. The Learning Fund™ Deposit is the main goal of a process designed to:

A) Give the artist an understanding of some valuable “Real World” business procedures and practices.

B) Give the artist an opportunity to participate in a process that transforms ideas and imagination into products that can be purchased by the general public.

Every step is an experience that together creates an opportunity to attain a financial goal. We hope the program is valuable beyond that financial goal.